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**IMPORTANT** YoVille Support: Spammers will be banned!

21/11/2008 20:06
YoVillian Alicia reported getting an email from YoVille Support having a list of Do's and Dont's. Hi Yovillians, Thanks for contacting us. Please read this ENTIRE message, it will help you to get your current and future questions answered more quickly and accurately. YoVille has grown super...

The Pickle Jar

21/11/2008 18:11
New interview has been added to the Pickle Jar. Please pop in and meet your Neighbour!

Yo Apartments

20/11/2008 20:30
Hey guys! I had my computer crash on me a few days ago and I lost ALL the pictures (screen caps) I had collected of cool / nice rooms for my next YoVille video. :( I had sooooo many great pictures! But forget my YoVille world, I lost a year worth of family pictures and that makes me even more...

Buy & Sell

20/11/2008 16:53
The Yo Market page is now updated with a Buy & Sell board. Make your offers and ask for items HERE!

Price Lists

20/11/2008 14:14
Furniture store, Yodepot and the Fashion Store are all up to date with the current releases. You can check the new items by clicking HERE YVL Staff- Ed.

New Collectible: Regal Throne

20/11/2008 00:43
Hi everybody! Just one week after being released, the Regal Sceptor was removed from the Furniture Store and replaced by a new collectible, the Regal Throne. Now you have something to go with your Regal Sceptor...if you have one. YVL USA - Stefano  

New Clothes Hit The fashion Store!!!

19/11/2008 23:47
More New Clothes hit the fashion store... Juicey YoVillian{p} found the new clothes... YVL Chief Reporter - MaZ

New Theme In Furniture Store...

19/11/2008 23:05
Seasonal items are now available, 5 new items that look really cool... Jords * Eagle 24 found the items... YVL Chief Reporter - MaZ

New Items In YO DEPOT & Furniture Store

19/11/2008 22:10
There is new items in YO DEPOT Yard & Garden section, a Jungle Gym and a Tiki Bar... Also in the Furniture Store Under Every Thing else section is 3 colours of Ping Pong tables in blue, green and black... YVL USA - Stefano Found the new items... YVL Chief reporter -  MaZ

Where's Where

18/11/2008 17:27
Our Where's Where Pages are now updated with info about the new houses. Check them HERE. We also have a new featured item. Scroll down to see what's YVL Verity's item of the week.

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