Bars & Buttons:




Show Map:

  • This button will show you the map of Yo Ville.
  • Click on the desired place to visit it.

Check "Yo Places" for more info on every place.



Edit Room Layout:

  • Click on this button to edit your room
  • To move an item, click and drag it to the desired location.
  • To rotate an item, click once on it. Rotation arrows will appear.
  • To remove an item from your room, click and drag it to the item selection menu at the top.
  • To change your wallpaper and flooring, click on " Set Wall & Floor Pattern" found under the item selection menu.
  • Save you changes when your done.




Change Appearance:

  • Click on this button to edit your skin, hair, face, eyes, mouth, nose, facial hair, eye brows and ears.

Change Clothing:

  • All the clothes that you buy will apear here in additon to your starter ones.

Top Rooms:

  • This button allows you to see the highest rated daily,weekly, monthly and all-time apartments.






The Heart:

  • Displays the number of energy pints you have.
  • Energy points can be gained by eating snacks at Vinny's Diner, the coffee shop and the beach.
  • These points will allow you to make the moves present in the Actions Menu at the bottom.


The Lightning Bolt:

  • Displays the number of speed pints you have.
  • Speed points can be gained by drinking coffee at the coffee shop.
  • These points will allow you to move faster for a certain period of time.


The Glass:

  • Dsiplays the drunk percentage.
  • You can get drunk for a certain period of time by drinking at the night nlub and at the beach.
  • When drunk, you will get dizzy.


The House:

  • Shows how many Yo Villians are present at your place.


The Chat Log:

  • Shows all the conversations going on at a certain place.




The Water Balloon:

  • Can be thrown anywhere.
  • Needs time to be refilled.
  • You can refil your balloon at the beach or through the water balloons machine ( A collectible that is not anymore on sale)


The Buddy List:

  • Shows you a list of your buddies.
  • Click on the house to visit their places.
  • Click on the arrow to follow them.
  • Click on the the face to remove them from list.



  • Click on events to see a list of the events taking place.
  • Clcik on the arrow near parties and music to view a list of categories.
  • Create your own event by clicking on Start An Event.
  • Pay 1000 YVC for a starting a premium events.
  • Premium Events stay at the top of the events list and are hilighted with gold.


The Inventory:

  • Click on it to see a list of all the items you own.
  • Clicking on an item in the inventory will show its initial price and the one the shop offers for buying it.


Actions Menu:

  • Displays a list of the actions you can make and the amount of energy points they consume.


Smiling Face:

  • Displays a list of emoticons that you can use in your conversations.


The Lock:

  • Click on it to lock your apartment and prevent people from entering it.


Rate This Room:

  • Clicking on Thumbs UP will add a point.
  • Clicking on Thumbs Down will take one.





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