Can I be a VIP?

No you can't! VIP is not available to anyone not even if you spend 10 million coins daily.

Can you fix my loading problem?

No, YoVille Lounge is a fan based site. Report your technical problems to support@yoville.com.

Can I become a YoVille Tester?

Sorry but we do not choose testers as we are not the creators of YoVille.

I got scammed!

All what you can do is report the person that scammed you. Make sure to check our Yo Scams Pages for more info about scams and scammers.

What are the YoVille Cheats?

There are no YoVille Cheats. Any illegal way of getting coins or items will not be published or discussed on YoVille Lounge.

You are so mean! You don't reply to me on YoVille.

We are so sorry but sometimes, especially in crowded events we get many regular and private messages.

We are not mean. We love you all :)

You are so mean! You don't reply to my emails.

We get many emails everyday. We are sorry if don't reply to your email. We will not reply to emails concerning  issues answered on the site. Please take your time and check the site before sending us your questions.

Can I join YoVille Lounge?

Check the Job Openings Page.

I have a news story!

Email it to yovillelounge@gmail.com and you will be credited. You don't have to be a reporter to send us news.

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