**IMPORTANT** YoVille Support: Spammers will be banned!

21/11/2008 20:06

YoVillian Alicia reported getting an email from YoVille Support having a list of Do's and Dont's.

Hi Yovillians,

Thanks for contacting us. Please read this ENTIRE message, it will help you to get your current and future questions answered more quickly and accurately. YoVille has grown super quickly and we are working to expand our team to meet your needs. Soon we will have a new system for emails that will help ensure that emails are more organized and able to be responded to within 24-48 hours. Until we have that new system we need YOUR help. At the risk of sound cheesy we are asking you to “help us help you”.

When sending an email please follow this guide of DOS and DON’TS:


-Send us emails with NO SUBJECT. Please clearly and simply state your issue in the subject line of your email. Examples: Loading issue, Firewall issue, Gender Change, Abuse, Banned from Events ect. Putting the appropriate subject on your email helps us to get your email to the correct person who is best able to assist you.

-Send us messages with Subjects like “HEEELLLLPPPPP!!!!!” or “ANSWER ME NOOOOOOOOOW!!”

-Send us multiple emails regarding the same issue, or a second (third or forth) email checking on the status of your last email. This will SLOW down the replies for everyone. There are over 400,000 daily users and just a few of us here to help you all. Spammers will be banned. Patience is greatly appreciated.

-Send us questions that are answered in the Help & Rules section. Read it first.

-Send us tons of non technical questions. We love hearing ideas from users and we read through the forums regularly. Please post ideas there. The forum in Facebook can be found by logging into YoVille, looking near the bottom of your page for “Page built by YoVille”, clicking on the blue “YoVille” and it will take you to the forum page. For MySpace users there is a tab near the top of your page called “forum”.

You are probably getting this message if you did one of the above things.


-Send your user id number in any issue that may require us to look up your account. Examples: Gender Change, Missing items, Scams, House credit, Abuse, Banned from events/game ect. . The id number can be found by going to your Facebook or MySpace account and clicking to view your profile. Copy the whole URL at the top, and send it to us. Please follow these exact directions. Do NOT send us your MySpace url that you created, we need the ID NUMBER in the url at the top of you profile page (not your home page).

-Include details in your email. Messages like “my game is broken” leave us guessing at what your exact problem is. We can’t help you without details.

-Keep it simple and to the point. We want to answer each email individually instead of sending these messages. Keeping it short helps us to be able to do this.

You may be getting this message if you did not do one of the above listed things in the DOS category.

Lastly please DO NOT REPLY to this email. Please send us a NEW email following the above directions. We will do our very best to get to you quickly. If you had a temporary issue that has already cleared up then please continue playing and have fun!

Thanks for being patient and helping us through this transitional period.

-YoVille Support





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