What is a Teleport door? The teleport door is used to teleport between two apartments, houses, trailer or between rooms. Buying a Teleport door from the store will give you a pair of doors for 2500 coins. When you buy a pair of doors you can place one door in your apartment/house/trailer and trade the other door to a friend or just keep both doors and place then between rooms. Once your friend puts the door in their apartment both of the apartments will be connected through the teleport doors.

Warnings about Teleport doors:

  • Teleport doors come in pairs when brought in store for total of 2500 coins, not for each door!
  • Be careful when buying Teleports off others during sales. Ask to see the pair of doors in the same room and test it to see if you come back into the same room.
  • When you find people selling teleport doors at really low prices, it could mean they are only selling the one door, and they do not have the other pair. Always find out where it leads to.
  • Even during trade it is hard to work out if the teleport doors are the actual ones you've tested, therefore it is down to your own judgement whether you can trust the person you buying it off. Always trade between people you trust, if in doubt do not trade and purchase from the store instead.
  • If you are already stuck with a single door that leads to a random persons house, why not try and neogiate to purchase that persons side of the door, or sell them your one. Message them and arrange a day, time, place and server.
  • If nothing works out for you, then cut your loses, sell back to the store and learn from it.

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