March 21-April 20

When someone you care about gets away with verbal abuse against you, your emotions become unstable.  Try to surround yourselves with those can help you to accomplish your goals and be a positive influence in your life.  Make money through legitimate ways and not through gambling or schemes.  Make powerful and positive changes in your home this week to enhance your home atmospher.  Make every day one you can look back on with pride.


April 21- May 21

Emotions run high with your mate.  You need to watch your trend to spend everything you make.  You need to save.  When a frivolous latte calls your name, pocket that cash in a jar or a savings account.  Do not be offended by comments that may be made by coworkers.  They are for your benefit.  A day at the beach will be a reuniting and strengthening thing for your whole family and will destress all of you creating more harmony in your home.


May 22-June 21

Make sure that you spend much time with your lover this week.  It is important to plan some pleasure trips that are sure to bring about a renewed romance between you.  High energy will let you take the role of a leader in the group functions that you are involved in.  You may be tempted to oversped this week on entertainment or luxury items, but let those temptations pass you by or you will regret your decisions for quite some time.


June 22-July 22

This week it is important to not judge things or people too quickly.  Higher ups and officials will be waiting for you when you do.  Find several ways to be calm.  Practice yoga, go bowling, swim or just become mellow.  Become involved in tasks that require your creative juices to flow.  You will then began to impress those around you including both peers and superiors.  Save money where you can for future issues by putting up with only the necessities.  Splurging now would not be wise.  At home with family chalk up family time as one of your priorties and your home will be peaceful.


July 23-August 22

Your relationship with your mate this week will not be to your liking.  Soften the blow by not over reacting to their emotions.  You need to look into new philosophies this week.  You could easily have a warm change as you run into an old flame.  Don't act rashly but if your relationship is rocky, re-evaluate where you stand.  Be sure to entertain in your home.  Make changes aesthetically to enhance your home.  It will please all of those that dwell within.


August 23-September 23

This week you can accomplish much.  Be sure to put energy into getting back into shape.  You will be successful.  You will win praise in your home if you share your creative ideas and include your family in them.  Be calm.  This week it will be easy to blow things out of proportion.  Make sure that you can count to 10, or higher if necessary, to avoid heartache.  Add softer music in your home to increase the calm throughout.


September 24-October 23

Getting ahead is easy this week if you play your cards right.  You must take a step away from other people and their private issues.  Talk with loved ones and others about any of your plans.  You need to confirm that they are feeling the same way.  Your lives will be better if you find a way to destress.  You need to be the one to solidify your relationship and ignore the high anxiety of those around you.


October 24-November 22

While you are more stable in your postion, don't be surprised if a job offer comes your way.  Any social activity will be rewarding in more ways than one.  Turn on the charm but don't agree to or sign anything.  Make sure to let those around you know how you feel.  Let someone know how you want your relationship to progress.  Be reasonable with them and don't make it a surprise attack.  At home, be soft.  Don't over react to things that have no consequence past the moment of the day.  Eternal prospective is more important.


November 23-December 21

Going through on your educational pursuits will quite possibly bring interesting and helpful people.  Organization is the key.  Organize your house and be sure to include the whole family in projects you have to do.  Becoming involved in fitness clubs will beinteresting and may bring about romantic contacts and connections.  You need to be more forward at work.  Co-workers will try to take advantage of your talents.  Don't let them.  Step forward and let superiors know that you are the brains behind the scenes.Be confident in all areas of your life but do not step on others toes in the process


December 22-January 21

Financial limitations will have to be dealt with on your own.  Travel will entice you but be careful that you choose wisely.  Weigh out the financial end of any opportunity.  Let your lover know what your relationship goals are and what your personal intentions are.  Be aware of problems with any electrical things like appliances or gadgets for they will drive you mad this week.  Destress before dealing with them.  At least it's only temporary and can be fixed.


January 21-February 19

Be smart and use your head to get things to your liking.  You must get a firm hold on your life and make crucial decisions.  Do so on your knees to whatever higher power you believe in.  Try to drop your bad habits.  Quit smoking, drinking, gambling, or biting your nails.  They are not stress relievers but stress enhancers.  Quit one bad habit at a time.  You will be grouchy during this endeavor, but be careful not to hurt anyone's feelings.  You will need their support.


February 20-March 20

This week you can help others more than they can help you.  Show your skills at doing so.  Romance will develop through work.  Do not trust others with any important information.  You will be betrayed if you do.  Keep to your family this week as dealing with in-laws or relatives will not be a good thing.  Your best position is to improve your home life.  If married, find ways to be romantic, and find ways to make your home a place of refuge.


These horoscopes or generalizations.  Your personal situations may differ and those variables often change the outcome.  As always, with these "horoscopes"  use your best judgment.  Do not rely on others to make decisions for you.  Drop to your knees and pray.  There is a higher power who makes all things possible.

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