Ready for fun?  Join us in YoVille! YoVille is that best place to go to work, play and relax. There are apartments to decorate and just released are the new YoVille houses. Plenty of shopping can be found around YoVille also. Furniture at the furniture store gives you lots of variety for any taste.  We even have a YoDepot where you can spruce up your apartment with new windows, flooring and wall coverings. 

           You may just want to change out your wardrobe and of course fashion is goal one at the YoVille Clothing Store. Want to give a gift to someone you love?  Flowers and houseplants are always a nice touch.  Pick them up at the YoVille Flower Shop. There are lots of YoVille hot spots where you can have a little fun/  Check out the YoVille Lounge, Coffee Shop, Vinny's Diner and of course the two YoVille Beaches. Is there any better place to be?  Not in this neck of the woods! 

            Look for more wonderful activities as "coming soon" places open up to increase your world of wonder in YoVille.

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