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Here are the official rules found on YoVille:


Getting Started

Make some money
Go to the factory to get more coins. You can walk to it but it's a lot easier to get to it by clicking it on the map (upper left corner). Once you are inside the factory click on the machine that everybody is crowded around to clock in and get your pay. You can work every six hours.
Get some new clothes
Walk to the Clothing Store or teleport to it using the map. It's the store that says "Fashion" in the lower right of the map. Walk up to the counter and click on the star. Choose out a new outfit and buy it. When you are done click on the Change Clothing button right above the main game and choose to wear your new duds.
Decorate your apartment
Your room starts out pretty sparse. It's your job to decorate it and get people to rate it so you can climb up the rankings. Go to the furniture store (right next to widget factory) and buy some new furniture. Go back to your house. The easiest way is to click on the Go Home button above the main game. Once you are in your apartment, that button changes to Edit Room. Click it and you can drag your new items into your room, move your old items around, or rotate objects. You start out with three rooms to decorate, as you progress in the game you may find ways to get more rooms.
Meet people and make friends
Walk outside your apartment by clicking on the door to the left of your living room. There are usually a lot of people hanging around outside the apartment. To chat with somebody type a message in the box at the bottom of the game right next to the smiley faces. You can click send or hit Enter on your keyboard. Introduce yourself and try and make some friends. If you find somebody you like, click on them and select "Add as A Buddy". Now they will be on your buddy list (the button with two people at the bottom of the game). You will be able to see them online and teleport to them directly when you want. They will also be able to see you and teleport to you.


  1. Have fun and hang out with your friends
  2. Meet new friends
  3. Decorate your room in interesting, creative ways
  4. Respect all YoVillians opinions and beliefs
  1. Abuse or harrass other YoVillians
  2. Threaten others with violance or act out violance in YoVille
  3. Use hate speech or make rude comments about others race, religion, gender or sexuality
  4. Discuss or act out sexual acts in YoVille
  5. Exchange personal information that could be used to locate you or other people in real life
  6. Rob or scam other Yovillians
  7. Use programs to hack, script or modify YoVille in any way
  8. Create duplicate accounts in YoVille for scamming, cheating or any other reason
  9. Break the law or discuss with others breaking the law
  1. First time offenders may be temporarily banned
  2. Repeat or even serious first time offenders may be permanently deactivated
  3. For very serious offenses we will notify facebook/myspace about the abuse and you may lose your account
  4. For any illegal activity we will notify the appropriate authorities

Frequently Asked Questions

I cannot connect to the game. I get an error message that says something about a firewall.
YoVille is a live game and requires a direct connection to a server (unlike most web pages). We've worked very hard to try and optimize our connection to support as many people as possible. If you cannot connect it may be a firewall problem.

Here are some instructions for disabling most firewalls

It may also help to install the latest version of flash. You can get it here.

If none of that works, try emailing our support team and provide as much detail about your network, OS, browser and version of flash. We may not have the time to help because we cannot do pc support all day for all our users, but it may help us improve the connectivity in the future. You may also want to try asking one of your computer savvy friends for help.
How do I sell items back to the game?
You can sell items back to the game by clicking on your inventory. It is the button at the bottom of the game that looks like a box of stuff. Click on an item and then click the sell button. Like in real life used stuff is never worth nearly as much as new stuff, but at least you get some coins back.
I want to make more money, why don't you increase my salary?
You can hire friends into your crew into your crew to increase your salary at the factory. We work really hard to make sure they game economy is balanced and giving away more money would make it so over the long-term the game wasn't any fun.
How do I get VIP?
Currently the is no way to be VIP in the game (don't fall for scams). We are working on this feature, and trying to make sure it's super-cool before we release it. It should be done soon. A couple of VIP items (robes) accidentally got released into the game. We didn't think it was fair to remove them, so a very small number of people have a really cool robe.
How do I find my real friends? We agreed to meet in the Coffee Shop and I don't see them.
YoVille has multiple servers to handle all the users online at any time, so they are probably on a different server. Go to your buddy list (button with two people at the bottom of the game) and click on the Import Friends button. This will import your real friends into your buddy list. If they are online (green or yellow), you can then use your buddy list to teleport to wherever your friend is (click on circle-arrow).
I want to change my gender.
There is no easy way to do this currently. Please email support@yoville.com and make sure to include a link to your facebook profile (or just the number at the end of the link), and we will change your gender. This will completely reset your account and you will lose all your coins, apartment and furniture
Why can't I trade with my roommate (wife, mom, son, etc.)? It says the trade was not allowed because we have the same IP.
There may be some legitimate trading within the same IP (users on the same network), but the vast majority we saw was cheating from people creating multiple accounts. This was really the only option to prevent the cheating, and we're sorry for the people that this legitimately affected negatively.
I traded with somebody and didn't get what I expected. (e.g. they said it was VIP pass but it was really a towel)
Some YoVillians come up with the darndest things. When trading you can mouse over any item and see the actual name. Also you should probably check the price of an item in the stores before trading with somebody. Teleport doors come in pairs. Make sure you get two (unless of course you want a decorative door that goes nowhere).
I got scammed.
We ban and deactivate tons of scammers based on reports every day. The only way to stop the scammers is for you all to stop falling for scams. You should treat your coins like real money. If somebody walked up to you on the street and told you they would double your money if you gave them $5, you wouldn't trust them and would just walk away. Do the same in YoVille.
I was banned unfairly. People reported me and I wasn't doing anything.
The auto-ban that you get when many people report you in a short period only lasts 5 minutes. You'll be right back in, just wait a couple minutes. If our support team banned you, then we know that you've been breaking the rules of the game and that's why you've been banned.
I was banned from creating events for some an event name that was not inappropriate. You should tell us what text is not allowed
The goal of the filter is to prevent people from hosting inappropriate events that break our rules and make YoVille a less fun place for everybody. We are very sorry for the people that get wrongly caught by the filter. Unfortunately, this is the price of keeping the site fun and clean. We are in the process of hiring a 24x7 moderation team that will review all events and this will allow us to dial down the sensitivity on the automatic filter. We do not publish details on the filter, because the trolls would then know how to get around them.
Hey! This faq didn't answer my question. What do I do now?
You can either post to our forums where many kindly users are likely to answer your question or you can email support@yoville.com. We try and answer as many questions as possible. If your question is answered by this faq, we most likely will not have the time to respond.

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